All Programs and Services to Reopen at The Source

Anthony Zorbaugh, Executive Director of The Source, is pleased to announce that all programs and services offered at The Source will reopen in full on Monday, October 18.

In late August, due to the absence of employees and volunteers either sick or quarantined due to COVID Zorbaugh had to temporarily shut down operations and take an objective view of what programs and services were most vital to operate with a short staff. Within a short few days, Zorbaugh brought back selected employees and began servicing client’s three meals a day outside the front door of the Commerce Avenue facility. In the days that followed, he slowly returned programs and services on a short schedule while employees slowly began returning to their posts.

In looking back, I know this was a difficult decision, but a necessary one to enable us to get where we are today,” Zorbaugh explains. “I am happy to announce that not only are we returning back to where we were in August, we have actually expanded programs, culinary program students, employees, and success stories during the past several weeks”.

The Source’s purpose is to offer life-changing possibilities to residents that are in need, homeless and in crisis. Their roster of programs and services include offering emergency hunger relief with three hot meals a day, clothing, mental health counseling, support groups, hygiene items, showers, mail and telephone services, benefit referrals, cold weather refuge, laundry services and much more.

Zorbaugh lists new features for The Source that has happened since August:

• The Dignity Bus will begin operating at full capacity of 20 sleeping pods seven nights a week including a free breakfast
• Additional Dignity Bus drivers have been added to the schedule
• The Dining Room will be open again offering three hot sit-down meals daily
• A new Culinary Director has joined the kitchen team to help expand Dignity Catering and all food related activities that are scheduled within the community
• A new catering menu is being developed which will be launched in a few months
• A Music Therapy program has been added to the program list for the Culinary students
• Additional clients have entered into the Dignity with Dining Culinary program
• One of the Culinary students who recently graduated, has entered into the dental restoration program, Dignity Smiles, and is in process of receiving new dentures
• Culinary Students who have graduated have started new jobs; one at IHop and one at Hyundai Route 60.

“Our team has been working steadfast in getting all programs and services up to full speed ahead beginning on October 18,” concludes Zorbaugh. “We may have hit a short term rough patch, but in the big picture, we took full use of these past weeks to come back better and stronger than ever. Everything works out for the best.”

For more information on The Source, visit To reach Anthony Zorbaugh, he can be called at 772-564-0202.