Dignity Smiles

The Source has developed a series of programs and services for clients of The Source that allow them the opportunities to live a dignified life. From training for a career in the food industry, to dining in a restaurant atmosphere, earning an independent income and enhancing their individual appearance, The Source offers numerous options to homeless and needy residents of Indian River County.

In an effort to assist The Source clients in their interaction with others, a top priority for Zorbaugh has long been improving their appearance through dental restoration. Through his relationship with Dr. Tom Balshi, a retired dentist and the Founder of The Institute for Facial Esthetics in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, he shared his concerns over some clients who have dental needs.

With Dr. Balshi’s dental restoration knowledge and his connection as a mentor and consultant to a prominent dentist in Melbourne, he introduced Zorbaugh to Dr. Sadesh Kumar, the founder of Wickham Dental Care. In short time of hearing about The Source and their client dental issues, another Dignity Program was quickly born, “Dignity Smiles.”

For those clients who are fully trained by The Source and eligible to enter the “Dignity Smiles” program, one client per quarter will be offered free dental work from simple, short term procedures valued at $5,000 to whole mouth restorations through surgery or implants, taking up to three months of visits valued at more than $35,000. All of this would be covered through the “Dignity Smiles” program.

According to Zorbaugh, “This new program will allow our clients to smile again. It will help change their mental and physical health. The pandemic has covered their faces with a mask. As they become ready to show their inner being without a mask, proper dentistry will make a difference in their confidence and their lives. That’s what we do at The Source. Change lives.”