Dignity Income Opportunity

The Source has developed a series of programs and services for clients of The Source that allow them the opportunities to live a dignified life. From training for a career in the food industry, to dining in a restaurant atmosphere, earning an independent income and enhancing their individual appearance, The Source offers numerous options to homeless and needy residents of Indian River County.

One of their newest opportunities to earn a dignified income is currently operating and offered on an hourly basis. Instead of standing in a long assembly line, clients are earning an hourly income while packaging products from the comfort of an air-conditioned office space.

Annie Balshi of Port St. Lucie is the President, CEO and the “heart” of B.E. Princess Incorporated who are purveyors of private and corporate aviation supplies for in-flight needs. Her parents, Dr. Thomas Balshi and his wife Joanne of Vero Beach, are ardent supporters of The Source, and approached Executive Director Anthony Zorbaugh with an offer to help Source clients earn a dignified income that Zorbaugh just couldn’t refuse. The B.E. Princess online travel supplies and accessories that are purchased by some of the more upscale aviation charters in the country, include a trade-marked industry icon that dates back to the early 1930s, namely Sic Sac® Motion Sickness Bags. Packaged 100 bags to a box, The Source clients are hired as local assemblers while offering an opportunity for the clients to earn an income, feel valuable and productive. For more information on Sic Sac® Motion Sickness Bags, please visit their website: www.sic-sac.com