Taking the “Soup” out of Soup Kitchen

The Source has a program called “Dining with Dignity.” This is the first restaurant style dining atmosphere for those in need in our community and on the east coast of Florida.

Wash your Clothes and Support The Source through March 2021

Wash your clothes at Sunshine Laundry Center, January through March 2021, and help raise money for The Source in Vero Beach! Sunshine is donating 25% of the gross proceeds from a designated washer and dryer during the first quarter of 2021 at all seven of their locations throughout the Treasure Coast, and The Source is the beneficiary of all monies raised at the two Vero Beach laundromats.

“This generous gift from Sunshine Laundries will help benefit our programs and services that the needy and homeless in Indian River County greatly need,” said Anthony Zorbaugh, Executive Director of The Source.

 Based on the positive feedback from customers who feel as though they can make a difference simply by the washer and dryer they use, and the desire to continue to support local charities, Sunshine Laundry Center co-owner Tom Rhodes selects a new nonprofit benefiting each quarter.

The hours vary at each Sunshine Laundry Center, but all are open seven days a week and WiFi is available at many of the laundromats. The Vero Beach locations are 2020 6th Avenue and 1405 16th Street. For a list of locations and hours, visit www.sunshinelaundries.com.

The Source, a Christian Ministry Outreach Center, offers life-changing possibilities to residents in crisis; offer emergency hunger relief, clothing, counseling, support groups, hygiene items, showers, mail and telephone services, benefit referrals, cold weather refuge, and much more. As first responders, The Source helps provide critical care for physical, spiritual, civic, and social needs. For more information on The Source contact Executive Director Anthony Zorbaugh, 772-564-0202, Ext. 204

Representatives of The Source visited the 6th Avenue Sunshine Laundry Center in Vero Beach right after the New Year. (From L to R): Maureen Archer (Assistant Executive Director), Anthony Zorbaugh (Executive Director) and Karlos Ayala (Lead Chef/Kitchen Manager)

Mental Health Counseling at The Source

When we think of the homeless population, our first thoughts may turn to a lack of food, shelter, sleep, clothing and family. As it turns out, all these components coupled together, severely impact the quality of a person’s physical and of course, mental health.
Programs and services available at The Source continue to grow in number and strength not only for the poor and homeless, but for anyone in the community that is suffering from any number of significant issues and have nowhere to turn. After organizing and implementing a solid mental health component under the tutelage of a licensed mental health counselor, the first phase of the program is showing positive results. After analyzing the client base of The Source, their individual traumas, needs and goals, a three phase plan has been launched.
• The first phase of the plan is Christian Life/ Business Coaching for The Source employees with one-on-one meetings, held over months, teaching employees how to recognize client issues while accessing client feelings through conversation, compassion and care. This benefits the employees by helping them to understand the needs of each of their clients better, and ultimately, it has shown significant signs of improvement in their client’s self-esteem. The Business Coaching also helps management understand more about their hiring process going forward.
• The second phase to the mental health counseling program is transitioning the new clients into the Dining with Dignity Program offered at The Source which provides professional training for up to 50 homeless students in preparation for them acquiring food-related employment within the community. It later progresses to the Dignity Catering program offering the opportunity to give back to the local community by cooking and delivering well-balanced meals and beverages daily to Indian River County businesses and non-profit organizations. Finally, the Dignity Food Truck provides an additional training opportunity for students to get hands-on training with real customers and a closer step to employment. The programs are selected as either a 6, 12 or 18 week session. All potential clients are given a needs assessment interview with the Mental Health Counselor from the start and once accepted, meets regularly for continued mental health services. This includes building social and communication skills as well as resolving conflict, stress and anger management issues. They assess and develop life goals and by graduation of the program, they receive recommendations pursuant to an employment placement while still receiving follow-up sessions, either one-on one or as part of a group.

• The third phase in the Mental Health Counseling program is providing full-service sessions for all clients entering the building which begins with a personal needs assessment and interview. Once they are accepted as a client, they are assigned an identification card which allows them to utilize all the services offered by the organization which include: three hot meals daily, laundry services, shower availability, cold night shelter and many more, as well as an array of programs that include Bible study, AA support groups, grief and mental health counseling. Marriage Counseling will be available shortly. Their one-on-one assessment also includes what their personal and family needs and problems are. Expanded services will also include possible substance abuse, stress, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, and referrals to other resources as needed.

While each phase of the Mental Health Counseling deals with different components, the universal thread that holds true is basic compassion, care and understanding, while finding the solution for each individual that can change their automatic reaction to what is happening to them and why. It’s about giving people the opportunity to get comfortable, peeling back the layers while taking off the band aid from the wound that initially drew them to The Source. The Source gives options, alternatives, new ways of thinking, and helping people out of homelessness rather than perpetuating it. It is about creating a space where people can make an income, feel honored and dignified within a community, working together, on every level that can eventually help them to return to their lives.

The Source’s Mental Health Counselor is Charlene Morris who is a licensed LMHC and is a Certified Business Leadership Coach. At that same time, she is being trained in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. Other certifications include Group Crisis Intervention, Addictive Behaviors, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity solutions, mood conditions and premarital/marriage enrichment. Additionally, she is dedicated to working with families and children in need of mental health services at Crosswind Youth Services in Cocoa, Fl, while she manages her own company, Abundant Life Centers, a faith in Jesus Christ counseling ministry in Palm Bay, FL. Ms. Morris can be reached directly at Charlene@abundantlifecenters.com or by phone is 321-345-6831.

The Source Introduces The New Dignity Bus to The Community at Official Ribbon Cutting Event

The Source in Vero Beach, under the leadership of Executive Director Anthony Zorbaugh along with local community supporters and donors, officially announces that the doors to the “new” Dignity Bus are now open every night to 20 needy people living on the streets of Indian River County in need of a good night’s sleep.

“It’s been a long ride getting here,” states Zorbaugh, “but our hearts and hard work led us to this point, and now we can share this finished product with those that need it the most.”
The community will get a first look at the 45 foot emergency shelter on wheels when the Indian River County Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with The Source, hold a Ribbon Cutting at the Community Awareness event being held on Wednesday, March 17. The event will be held with plenty of social distancing at The Horse Farm at Mr. Bobby Lindsey’s Home, 6585 12th Street (On the Corner of 12th Street and 66th Avenue), Vero Beach from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Attendees will also hear speeches, share in a prayer for the Dignity Bus, enjoy complimentary refreshments from Dignity Catering, have a tour of the Dignity Bus, watch a special pre-produced video and be introduced to the “Adopt A Pod” Campaign.

The Source had one simple focus in creating the Dignity Bus; to provide a safe, temporary overnight accommodation for those sleeping rough in Indian River County. The aim is to get people off the street and keep them safe and healthy until they can get back on their feet.

Dignity Bus, the first and only one of its kind for the homeless in the country, boasts a custom-made interior and exterior, provides 20 secure, climate-controlled individual sleep pods with a lockable door, under-bus storage, pet pods for companion animals, an onboard overnight security person, and monitored CCTV surveillance. Since this is the year of COVID, the Bus is equipped with an air-filtering system and all protocols possible for the safety of the guests are being implemented. One Dignity Bus provides 7,300 safe sleeps per year. Guests are asked to adhere to a few important guidelines in order to maintain the safety, security and comfort for everyone. Guests are allowed to enter the Bus on a first-come first-served basis.

Eric Flowers, Sheriff of Indian River County shares, “The Dignity Bus means so much to our community. We are proud to be able to partner with The Source in giving this much needed shelter to those who struggle. We are blessed that the Dignity Bus, as the first of its kind in the country, gives them the opportunity of having a safe place to sleep.”
The community is invited. Face masks are required, comfortable shoes are advised and RSVPs are encouraged by calling Anthony Zorbaugh at 772-564-0202 or emailing tony.zorbaugh@iamthesource.org.

Watch video on Accuwater.com https://www.accuweather.com/en/videos/nonprofits-create-unique-ways-to-house-the-homeless/odDZrfs8

Celebrity Kathie Lee Gifford Honors The Source

All of us know celebrity Kathie Lee Gifford, television host, singer, songwriter, actress and author.

Many of us know Philanthropist George Shinn, a long-time supporter of The Source, who was a Vero Beach resident and the former owner of the NBA Charlotte Hornets, as well as minor league baseball and semi-professional football teams.

And in our own backyard of Vero Beach is Anthony “Tony” Zorbaugh, the Executive Director of The Source, a local non-profit that provides critical care for physical, spiritual, civic and social need for the poor and the homeless. Under Zorbaugh’s leadership, he and his team offer an unlimited and untiring belief in helping others improve the quality of their lives.

These three different people from different lives and lifestyles are drawn together with the same belief; that is…a belief in faith has no boundaries. This faith is what helps them lead each day to make a difference for others; helping to provide basic needs, answering calls for help in times of crisis and offering love…all in whatever way it unfolds for each of them.  Most of the time, they don’t know who they are wishing this for, but in the end, this is how these three people live their lives. And, it’s what makes them complete.

When Shinn turned to his friend Kathie Lee to share his impressions of The Source, she quickly endorsed Zorbaugh’s efforts for The Source, jumping on board with support for both the organization and its leadership. Her offer was to produce a video-taped message that will be used widely by The Source to help spread the word of what is being done to help others.

“Thank you Tony for what you are doing to help feed people, cloth them, hold them and love them,” Gifford states in her video message.

Shinn operates the George Shinn Foundation dedicated to helping people in need by furthering the work of churches, ministries, missionaries and non-profit organizations. “It’s my way to extend our resources to help others,” Shin expresses.

“I adhere to three intrinsic principals, “Zorbaugh shares. “Food is a tool to empower minds, build communities and strengthen the body and soul; to offer the right tools and support to bring about positive change; and to present real solutions for long-term sustainability. Combine this with my faith in God and it has a trickle down affect for everyone who walks through our front door.”

“Tony you are doing a great job for the homeless,” Gifford concludes. “And I know that the Lord knows the good you are doing as his faithful loyal servant.”

Our Mission

Meeting the Needs of the Homeless and At-Risk

The Mission of The Source is to Support and Serve the Community and lead individuals to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.”

“The Vision of The Source is That It Is a Christian Outreach Ministry, working to transform lives in our Community.