The Source’s Community Works Graduates


The City of Vero Beach has partnered with The Source’s Community Works program since June of 2023 and to witness the success is simply to pay a visit to downtown Vero Beach and see how the group has cleaned up the area through hard work and much pride.

Mayor John Cotugno, along with the entire City Council, recognized two of the graduating members of the program at their meeting held on March 26.

Mayor Cotugno addressed the crowd, “It is with great pride to introduce Kwasi Banks and Kevin Breazeale who have made a difference in our downtown district.” In further explanation, Mayor Cotugno explained that both men were moving on from the program with positive results. Kwasi suffered personal losses but through it all, he continued working with Community Works maintaining a positive attitude and a smile on his face, always ready and willing to work. He recently graduated from the program, landed permanent work and has started his first week working at a local car wash. Kevin, who had a brain injury and suffers from short term memory loss, finds it difficult to find employment. While working with Community Works and meeting a volunteer from The Source, he has been offered housing and employment in Minnesota and will be starting his new life in the Midwest in April.

The Source’s program has led to much success for all of the workers involved as well as for the partnership The City of Vero Beach and The Source have formed. In conclusion, Mayor Cotugno offered “a sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart” to all in attendance and especially those members whose lives are changing for the better because of it.

I am Ministries DBA, The Source is a Christian social outreach ministry that has been empowering communities into a lifestyle of service for the homeless since 1995. Founded in Indian River County, the organization serves its homeless neighbors through core programs that include Dining with Dignity-a culinary employability training program, Dignity Catering, and Dignity Food Trucks, Dignity Buses-mobile overnight emergency shelters sleeping nearly 40 nightly, Dignity Village-18 affordable housing units, as well as a myriad of programs and services that instill a sense of community. For more information on The Source, and the Community Works program, please visit or call Jonathan Orozco at 772-564-0202.

Back Row-John Turner, City Attorney; Monte Falls, City Manager; Tammy Bursick, City Clerk; Tracey Zudans, Councilmember; John Cotugno, Mayor; Linda Moore, Vice Mayor; John Carroll, Councilmember and Taylor Dingle, Councilmember.
Front Row: From The Source are Jade Alexander, Brenda Sposato, Community Works Kwasi and Kevin with Leonard (coordinator for the program), Jonathan Orozco, Tony Zorbaugh, and Police Chief David Currey