Members, Students and Staff of The Source’s Dignity Jobs Program Receiving Certifications

In an effort to continue training and educating their students, members and staff in all segments of hospitality, The Source has turned to the American Hotel & Lodging Institute (AHLEI) to provide quality resources needed for online certification towards a higher level of employment.

“Several years ago we applied for and received the American Culinary Federation Foundation-Approved Program (ACF) recognition status for our Dining with Dignity Training Program,” states Anthony Zorbaugh, Executive Director for The Source. “We discovered that this certification in the hands of our members has not only given them the dignity they have been looking for in their lives, but the ability to find employment and earn a living. It’s been a driving force for many of our members.”

The American Culinary Federation ACF is a professional organization for chefs and cooks based on promoting the professional image of American chefs worldwide through education of culinarians at all levels. Likewise, for more than 65 years, AHLEI has offered a myriad of certification programs. The Source has discovered that many of their paid employment opportunities as well as their popular three-tiered culinary training program are also offered for AHLEI certifications.

The Source’s Dining with Dignity Training Program offers culinary training as a way to change lives through a selection of either a six, twelve or sixteen week training program. At the conclusion of their 6 weeks training program, they receive their *DBPR approved Safe Food Handler Certification; 12 weeks with AHLEI certificate; 18 weeks with Food Manager certificate and a graduation bonus that ultimately leads them to a job opportunity.

As Zorbaugh explains, “For example, additional training and education through the AHLEI allows them to climb the ladder even higher in the culinary field. They can make more money as a Certified Kitchen Cook, Certified Breakfast Attendant or Certified Restaurant Server if they continue to the twelve or sixteen week culinary training program. The certification is pushing them to loftier goals, and that’s a really good thing.”

Other certifications being offered include a position as a Maintenance Employee or a Maintenance Manager, a Guestroom Attendant or Front Desk Representative. In fact, The Source has two members who have currently concluded a course; one for the Front Desk certification and the other for the six-week Culinary Training certification.

“This is another red feather in our cap,” exclaimed Zorbaugh “Hospitality certification provides recognition of mastery of professional knowledge and skills at every level of a career. AHLEI provides the study materials and administers the certification process. We are continually proud of our members, students and staff who finish their dedicated training program and start changing their lives for the better.”

For more information on The Source, its Dignity Job Program opportunities, visit, or call Anthony Zorbaugh directly at 772-564-0202.


The Source’s Operations Director, Jade Alexander with (far left) Amanda and Kathleen (far right), each individually holding their new certification from AHLEI.