HAPPY EASTER from The Source

Easter is a time of reflection and self-evaluation for most Christians. Some Christians give something up for the forty days of remembrance called Lent. They ask the question, “What could I give up that will help me grow closer to Christ?” Some give up sweets, bad habits or social media. They use that extra time and energy to pray, meditate and serve the Lord. What if you didn’t get to choose what you had to give up?

What if, instead, you lost things such as your sense of security and self-worth? What if you didn’t have a comfortable life or know Jesus as your Lord and Savior? For the men, women and children who come to The Source, this is their reality. Many have lost their homes, loved ones, and their way. No matter what has been taken from them, The Source’s Dignity programs are designed to help our members regain their independence. This is because God is the core of everything we do at The Source and only God can help them turn their question from, “Why was everything taken, Lord?” to the conviction, “I am taking everything to you, Lord!”


I came to know John as he arrived at The Source in a taxicab from Lawnwood Medical Center in Fort Pierce late on a Tuesday evening minutes before closing. John was in a hospital gown, with a walker and he could barely speak. John was greeted by several staff who assessed his situation. It was clear that John was not able to provide for himself and could not survive the night on the street. John needed emergency care. The staff made a decision to call the paramedics to transport John to Cleveland Clinic so he could get proper medical attention.

The lesson that night is that there are many individuals, like John, who come to The Source looking for hope. Each day, The Source’s drop-in center at 1015 Commerce Avenue is filled with families and individuals who have lost hope. Individuals have to make a decision to put food on the table for their families, pay the rent, or just to keep the lights on. They come to us looking for answers. The needs of our members increase daily, and The Source is committed to serving their needs.

However, we need the help of our community and devoted donors like you. Your generous gifts are valued and appreciated. We pray you will consider donating to The Source this Easter.

God Bless you this Easter and Always,

Anthony Zorbaugh,

Executive Director 772-564-0202