The Source’s Anthony Zorbaugh Participates in National Webinar

Anthony Zorbaugh, Executive Director for the poor and homeless in Indian River County was recently invited to speak about the Dignity Bus via a webinar format. The discussion involved three different speaker presentations that were centered around Mobile Unit Presentations and watched nationally by Health Care for the Homeless providers who are members of The National Health Care for the Homeless Council (NHCHC) as well as other interested administrators and clinical staff.

NHCHC is the premier national organization working at the nexus of homelessness and health care. Since 1986, NHCHC have brought together thousands of health care professionalsmedical respite care providerspeople with lived experience of homelessness, and advocates. Our 200+ Organizational Members include Health Care for the Homeless programs, respite programs, and housing and social service organizations across the country.

In order to share more information about Dignity Bus, the description, what it looks like (interior and exterior) and some basic information on how it operates, services provided to those that sleep overnight and why this concept is so innovative. To that end, Zorbaugh showed a step-by-step procedure of Dignity Bus via a slideshow of the Dignity Bus Toolkit, a how to manual which The Source produced to enlighten others to better identify all facets of creating and implementing the usage of a mobile emergency shelter such as Dignity Bus.