Mental Health Update

The Source’s Licensed Mental Health Counselor Charlene Morris, (LMHC), has been working with our registered members as part of the overall plan of helping them to gain the strength and confidence to come out of homelessness. In the New Year, Charlene has been expanding services by enhancing monthly awareness chats, seminars that include collaborating with other agencies, additional support groups for substance use, codependency, as well as dealing with grief and loss. Additionally, The Source hopes to have a substance recovery program that isn’t just alcohol.

No doubt our members are experiencing positive outcomes from their sessions with Charlene, among them is Kathy.

Kathy had experienced severe substance use and eventually had a life altering incident where she ended up in the hospital. While Kathy started her sobriety before returning to The Source, she knew the services for emotional and substance recovery support offered from the social services team was needed. She began attending AA meetings regularly. In just four months she has remained substance free, obtained housing and employment. Her efforts to choose a healthy lifestyle have provided her opportunities to lead others to recovery. We celebrate her willingness and self-determination to change her surroundings to support her desire to live brave one day at a time.

 About The Source’s A.A. Group:

The Source’s A.A. group is truly where she put in the work to obtain sobriety. Charlene offered spiritual and emotional support along with being an advocate and accountability partner for her recovery plan. It was The Source as a whole that assisted her as each person did their part in supporting and providing her a safe environment to heal.

For five years, The Source has hosted a group every Friday at 10am at the main campus at 1015 Commerce Avenue in Vero Beach. A.A. has been helping alcoholics recover for more than 80 years. The program of recovery is built on the simple foundation of one alcoholic sharing with another. If your drinking is out of control, A.A. can help. All A.A. groups function on the same premise with the only difference is there are open groups where anyone can attend or a closed group, which is not open to the public.

For more information on any mental health services offered at The Source, please contact Charlene Morris (LMHC), at  772-564-0202 Ext 216.