Meet Gena

At The Source, our mission is to support individuals on their journey out of homelessness, and we couldn’t do it without the dedication and hard work of our staff, volunteers, and supporters like you. This month, we have a special story to share that embodies the spirit of perseverance and new beginnings.

We are thrilled to congratulate Gena, one of our outstanding team members, on obtaining her driver’s license! After 18 years, Gena has not only regained her independence but also embraced a new role within our organization. Her dedication to quality control for our Sic Sac program has been invaluable, and now, with her new driving skills, she will be able to assist with transportation for our members. This milestone is a testament to her resilience and determination, and we couldn’t be prouder of her achievement.

As we celebrate Gena’s success we ask for your support to continue our vital programs. Your generous donations help us provide essential services such as The Dignity Bus, our Award-Winning Food Trucks, The Dining with Dignity Culinary Training Program, Dignity Catering, Dignity Smiles, Dignity Employment Opportunities, Community Works, Dignity Wellness and Dignity Village.

This June consider making a donation in honor of those like Gena who are working hard to make a difference in their lives. Your contribution will help us empower more individuals like Gena to achieve their goals and build a brighter future.