The Source Dignity Bus Team Makes Visit to Congress in Washington, D.C.

One never knows where or when they may get noticed, and then ultimately make an impact.  In the case of The Source’s Anthony Zorbaugh, Executive Director and Jonathan Orozco, Development Director, it was their participation in the National Alliance to End Homelessness Conference held in March in Oakland, California. Their booth presentation and round table speaking session featuring the Dignity Bus, and the successful use of a passenger bus converted into an overnight sleeping shelter for a safe night’s sleep for the homeless, was overwhelmingly received.

A lobbyist for the host organization, who was so impressed with the concept developed by The Source, shared this experience with representatives from Capitol Hill, which resulted in an invitation for members and staff of The Source to make a visit in early May to The Capitol Building to speak with Representatives from the offices of Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, and Bill Posey.

“This was an important opportunity for me to bring our Dignity Bus team on a trip, some of who have never been on a plane or ever been able to tour a city so rich in American history as Washington, D.C., commented Zorbaugh. “Not only was this important for them, but we all got the chance to share our Dignity Bus success story on a national level. We know it made a difference for all involved.”

In addition to Zorbaugh and Orozco, attendees included Source members Anthony Rommell, Lead Builder of the Bus and Kyle McNeill, Maintenance Assistant. The representatives for each political figure were very interested in the bus as a solution for homelessness, they also heard about all the programs and services The Source has developed for homeless members, learning more about homelessness in Indian River County and the back stories detailing various member’s journey to finding The Source. Due to safety regulations, the actual Dignity Bus could not be brought in for a tour; however, a professionally produced video and a virtual tour of the bus, along with an array of collateral, was left behind for them to share with other members of  Congress.