Gifford Youth Orchestra and The Source Team Up for Local Campers

The first “live and in-person” event for the Gifford Youth Orchestra (GYO) since the Pandemic halted all activities was celebrated recently by two dozen local campers.

A free summer camp, for children ages 7-18, was held during the week of July 12-16 at the Gifford Youth Activity Center in Vero Beach. They received daily instruction in violin, piano and voice as well as having fun creating arts and crafts and ending the day swimming at the Aquatic Center.

At noon each day, The Source’s Dignity Food Truck pulled up to the camp cooking up a “kids-friendly” menu of hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, mac n’ cheese, french fries and cold beverages.

“We enjoy sharing our award-winning food with the community, especially children who are working hard at their craft and needing a break from the heat of the day” shared Karlos Ayala, Food Truck Operator and Head Chef of Dining with Dignity.

According to Anthony Zorbaugh, The Source Executive Director, “We stopped our regular truck route this week and donated our time and product for the camp. They were all so appreciative of our being there. These are the type of community events we enjoy participating in.”

The week concluded with a review and performance in front of the entire camp attendees, staff, friends and family.

The Dignity Food Truck is a social enterprise that is geared to selling award-winning foods throughout the community while providing additional training for Dining with Dignity culinary students. They currently have two Food Trucks that move to different locations throughout the week serving food to local organizations and businesses. They are available for private functions by calling Executive Director Anthony Zorbaugh at 564-0202, Ext. 218. For more information, visit For more information on The Gifford Youth Orchestra (GYO), contact GYO Program Coordinator Linda Scott at772-913-1545. For more information on GYO