The Source Administration Moves to New Offsite Location

The Source began in 1995 originally serving the needy by offering free meals and Bible Study in a tiny 600 sq. ft. storefront in Osceola Plaza. The Source has since grown into a comprehensive 5,000 sq. ft. outreach facility on Commerce Avenue open seven days a week, addressing the complex needs of the poor and homeless in Indian River County.

Their purpose in offering a wide range of programs and services, daily meal programs, shower and laundry facilities, and other life-changing amenities, as well as a full administration staff, has stretched the capacity of their facility to the limit.

While searching for the best parcel of land to construct their Dignity Village, which will house all programs, services and staff under one roof, and include tiny houses for their clients, The Source has moved their administration staff to an offsite location for an interim period. Still located in close proximity to their Commerce Street building, their new administration offices can be found at 1965 42nd Avenue, immediately off Rte. 60 westbound, Suites 4 and 5 in Vero Beach. The offices will be occupied by Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director Anthony Zorbaugh and Maureen Archer respectively, as well as the Accounting Department, Marketing, Grant Writing and the Sic Sac® Assembly Program.

To reach any member of Administration, call 772-564-0202, or by email to or